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STRATCOM Commander Met With Biden Transition Team; Worries About Weapons Complex
The commander of U.S. nuclear forces, who met with President-elect Joe Biden’s (D) transition team recently, worried this week that the civilian nuclear weapons complex faces problems bigger than a potential slip in plutonium-pit production. Under the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act passed into law this month over President Donald Trump’s veto, U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM) could certify, under certain conditions, that the military would retain confidence in the nuclear arsenal even if the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) cannot produce multiple war-usable pits — the fissile triggers that begin a nuclear weapon’s chain reaction — until fiscal year 2029: five years later than now planned. The military needs the…
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Nuclear Deterrence Summit 2021
August 3-5, 2021
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Weapons Complex Morning Briefing
Washington State, DOE, Agree to Push Low-Activity Waste Start to 2024 Because of COVID-19
The Low Activity Waste Facility at the Hanford Site in Washington State is now scheduled to begin solidifying liquid waste not sooner than 2024, instead of 2023, because of COVID-19, under a recent agreement between the Department of Energy and…
Weapons Complex Monitor
Opening the Aperture of Competition at DOE: 30 Minutes with Mark Fallon, CEO, Aptim Corp.
Almost as soon as he graduated from Connecticut College — where he played basketball with the guy who’d go on to found Beyond Meat: the plant-based hamburger-ish patty — Mark Fallon started working for the Department of Energy. “I started…
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R&D Staff Member - Advanced Nuclear Reactor Analyst
Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Oak Ridge, TN

Advanced Nuclear Materials - Senior R&D Staff
Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Oak Ridge, TN

Group Leader, Microstructural Evolution Modeling
Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Oak Ridge, TN

Group Leader, Advanced Nuclear Materials
Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Oak Ridge, TN
RadWaste Monitor
NRC Chair Svinicki Resigning Before Inauguration
Kristine Svinicki will retire from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Jan. 21, more than a year before her five-year term is up, after serving under three presidents and leading the nuclear-power-plant regulator as chair since 2017. Svinicki, first nominated to…
Nuclear Security & Deterrence Monitor
Nightshade B, Next in Series of Three Subcritical Tests, Scheduled for Spring
The Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Nevada National Security Site are resetting the underground U1a facility at the former Nevada Test Site for the second in three planned Nightshade subcritical experiments. Nightshade B is scheduled to fire in “spring…
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