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Judges question NRC authority to license interim storage; cast shadow over ISP site in Texas, dry storage pads across the U.S. 
In oral arguments this week, two federal appeals judges appeared skeptical of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s power to license commercial storage of spent nuclear fuel.  Those two judges, by themselves, have the power to undo the commission’s September 2021 license of Interim Storage Partners’ (ISP) proposed spent-fuel storage site in Andrews County, Texas, which by itself could fit about half of the spent fuel now stored at multitudes of U.S. power plants — plants with fuel storage facilities that could be caught in the crossfire if the Fifth Circuit strikes down ISP’s license. Seeking to keep ISP out of its backyard, the state has invoked June’s blockbuster Supreme Court decision,…
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Weapons Complex Morning Briefing
Prime contractor correcting two violations at WIPP
The prime contractor for the Department of Energy’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico is investigating two separate incidents where technical safety requirement violations occurred at the disposal facility for defense-related transuranic waste, a spokesperson said late Wednesday. The…
Weapons Complex Monitor
DOE, Washington state unveil deal to address leaking tanks
After being criticized for foot-dragging, the Department of Energy and Washington state announced an agreement Aug. 25 to address two leaking underground radioactive tanks at the Hanford Site, as well as future tank leaks. Under a binding order, the federal…
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Probabilistic Safety Assessment
Rolls-Royce SMR – Warrington, United Kingdom

Distinguished Staff Fellowship Program
Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Oak Ridge, TN

Distinguished Staff Fellowship Program - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, TN – Oak Ridge, TN

Lead Risk Manager
Rolls-Royce SMR – Warrington / Derby / Hybrid, United Kingdom
RadWaste Monitor
California Senate passes Diablo Canyon lifeline
California lawmakers this week passed an eleventh-hour bill that, if signed into law, would help keep the Golden State’s last operating nuclear power plant running into the next decade. The state Senate passed the proposed measure 31-1 late on Wednesday…
Nuclear Security & Deterrence Monitor
W80-4 is only nuclear warhead refurb seeing big delays from pandemic, NNSA official says
An air-launched cruise missile warhead was not the only major civilian nuclear-weapons program slowed by COVID-19 supply chain snafus, but it was the only one drastically affected by the pandemic response, a senior government official said Tuesday. “I wouldn’t say…
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