The 2nd Annual Nuclear Energy Security Summit

Advancing Nuclear Power for a Secure, Sustainable Future 

Leaders and experts convene to strategize the future of advanced
nuclear power, focusing on U.S. energy reliability, national
security, global development, and environmental goals.


Gather information through conference sessions, such as international financial support for nuclear energy, global suppliers for nuclear energy security, updates from the DoD on programs for advanced nuclear power, and much more!


Become a sponsor of the Nuclear Energy Security Summit to network and connect with major players in the advancement of nuclear power technology.


Reach more than 200+ industry professionals over 2 days of the conference, with time built in for attendees to visit the exhibits.

The Nuclear Energy Security Summit is brought to you by ExchangeMonitor Publications in partnership with the United Coalition for Advanced Nuclear Power

2024 Speakers

The Summit will bring together government officials, industry leaders, experts in the field, and regional stakeholders to discuss how advanced nuclear power reactors can help address U.S. energy needs, national security concerns, international development goals, and environmental sustainability efforts.

Honorable Christopher Hanson

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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