Why Exhibit

Exhibiting at the Nuclear Energy Security Summit offers an unparalleled opportunity for sponsors to showcase their innovations, solutions, and services to a concentrated audience of key decision-makers and influencers in the advanced nuclear power industry. By participating in the Summit, exhibitors can gain visibility, foster meaningful connections, and position themselves as leading figures in this dynamic and critical sector.

For information about exhibiting, please contact Dave Brumbach at [email protected] or (717) 497-1625.

6 reasons why securing a booth at the Nuclear Energy Security Summit is a strategic move for your organization:

  1. Direct Access to Decision-Makers: Connect face-to-face with industry leaders, government officials, and decision-makers from around the globe.
  2. Brand Visibility: Elevate your brand presence among a targeted audience, increasing brand awareness and recognition in the industry.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Engage with potential clients, partners, and peers in an environment focused on radioactive waste management.
  4. Showcase Innovations: Present your latest products, services, and technologies to an audience actively seeking new solutions.
  5. Lead Generation: Collect valuable leads from attendees who are key players in the industry, enhancing your sales and marketing strategies.
  6. Learning and Insight: Gain insights into current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the industry, helping to inform your business strategies.

Exhibiting at the Nuclear Energy Security Summit not only helps in growing your business but also contributes significantly to the advancement of the radioactive waste management sector by fostering collaboration and innovation.

What's Included

Standard Tabletop Exhibit $3,900

One tabletop exhibit (includes one 6’ table and two chairs)
One complimentary registration
Staff attending will be identified as an Exhibitor

Digital & Print Promotion

  • Company logo on the Summit Website
  • Company logo and description in the Mobile App
  • Company logo visible on prominent signage at the event
  • Company logo will be featured on some digital and print marketing used to promote the event

Additional Benefits:
Attendee list with contact information provided before and after the Summit

Exhibit Booth

Contact: David Brumbach
(717) 497-1625
[email protected]

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