2023 RadWaste Summit Presentations

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The following presentations were approved for distribution to attendees by the speakers. Click on the speaker names to view the PDF presentations.

Welcome & Introductions
Larry Camper, Senior Nuclear Safety Consultant, Advoco Professional Services, LLC

Future of Waste Materials Management Collaboration
Eric Olds, Director of Communications Office of Environmental Management, DOE
Energy Solutions Blueprint

Safety Initiatives
Kent Fortneberry, Chief Operating Officer, UCOR

Transportation Efficiencies in a Post-COVID Environment
Joe Heckman, President, Waste Management, EnergySolutions

Radioactive Materials Sourcing
Bionomic Service Model

Spent Fuel Management
Mark Bollinger, Manager, Carlsbad Field Office, Office of Environmental Management, DOE

Enhancing Risk-Informed and Performance Based Used Fuel Storage
John Stamatakos, PhD, Technical Director, Southwest Research Institute

Innovations from the National Labs
Connie Herman, Associate Laboratory Director, Environmental Stewardship, Savannah River National Laboratory
Mark Rigali, Principal Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories
Tania Taylor, Technical Director, Long-Term Stewardship, DOE
Kathryn Taylor-Pashow, Executive Director, Network of National Laboratories for Environmental Management/Stewardship, Savannah River National Laboratory

Modeling, Simulation and Advanced Analytics
Jeremy O’Donnell, Managing Partner, Model Performance Group

Technology Showcase

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Initiatives; New Rules, New Updates
Larry Camper, Senior Nuclear Safety Consultant, Advoco Professional Services, LLC
J. Scott Kirk, Manager, Environmental Compliance & Waste Disposal, Savannah River Mission Completion

Reopening Decommissioned Power Plants

New Milestones and Innovations in Reactor Decommissioning
Sebastien Guillot, Vice President, Operations, Orano Decommissioning Services

What’s Next?
Sal Golub, Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Supply Chain, Office of Nuclear Energy, DOE
Ken Kasper, Radiological Operations Manager, National Ignition Facility, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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