Join Industry Leaders and DOE Lab Leadership at Radwaste Summit,
the Premier Event for Insights into Waste Management


The RadWaste Summit is the place for stakeholders in nuclear waste management to converge and address the most pressing issues in the industry. 

The forward-looking agenda features keynotes on national waste management priorities, explores commercial strides in spent fuel management, fosters essential dialogue on community and tribal engagement strategies, and debates policy implications of regulatory changes. It also provides an in-depth look at state-level shifts towards nuclear energy, innovations in cleanup and decommissioning, and the integration of cutting-edge technology in turning waste to energy. 

Marquee speakers from government and private sectors, including the U.S. Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, will share their expertise on advancing safety, security, and sustainability in the nuclear waste management landscape.

5 Reasons Why YOU Should Attend the RadWaste Summit

1. Discover cutting-edge strategies for reducing environmental impact while exploring innovations in spent fuel management.

2. Engage in discussions on community support, energy transformation, and regulatory updates, including proposed changes to radioactive waste disposal rules. 

3. Gain valuable insights into the interplay between weapons modernization and waste management, transportation, storage, and more. 

4. Join key waste management pros and DOE Lab Leaders to network and gain vital insights to advance environmental and national security goals.

5. Experience an unforgettable evening reception at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. Discover the history of baseball and the art of bat craftsmanship, complemented by light appetizers, drinks, and exclusive tours. This is unique opportunity to blend leisure with networking, sponsored by I.C.E. Services Group.

New Topics Introduced this Year

Keynote:  Waste Management Initiatives; National Priorities: Join us for the opening keynote session as we delve into the critical topic of waste management initiatives and national priorities. From innovative recycling programs to waste-to-energy solutions, this session will explore diverse approaches adopted by nations to address the pressing challenges of waste management.

Nuclear Renaissance: Renewed Support for Nuclear Projects: This panel will explore the energy transformation that is emerging in many states as public officials predict sharply increasing demands for power while also facing pressures to reduce carbon emissions.

In South Dakota, supporters of House Bill 1071 say the bill updates the legal language, and is the first step of a process in potentially having nuclear power in the state. The Kentucky Senate voted overwhelmingly to lay the foundation to attract nuclear energy projects to a state where coal has dominated and fueled the economy for generations.  Who’s Next?

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Integrated Rule Making: Panelists will discuss the implications for the industry on the NRC’s proposed Integrated Rule-making.  The NRC has released/will release a significant change to their rules regarding low-level radioactive waste disposal in found in 10 CFR Part 61. The proposed rule will require that a Performance Assessment be conducted and includes compliance time periods for short and long-lived isotopes.  The rule will be accompanied by a guidance document to assist agreement states in evaluating license applications.  In addition, the proposed rule will include a framework for states to license the disposal of Greater-Than-Class C waste at a near surface disposal facility.   

Technology Innovations that Convert Waste into Energy Sources: This panel will discuss the innovative public-private partnership between DOE and Zeno Power to disposition a “hard to dispose” DOE legacy byproduct material, Strontium-90, through beneficially reuse instead of disposing of it at a waste site.  Zeno will transform DOE Strontium-90, a taxpayer liability, into a fuel for radioisotope power systems that will serve U.S. national security and scientific missions.

By joining this pivotal event, you’ll gain essential knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of waste management, ensuring progress in environmental stewardship and national security. Register now!

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