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  • Model Performance Group provides integrated mission planning and scheduling solutions across the enterprise to help ensure commitments are met. Automatically generate viable schedules with proven technology. Ask us how.

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  • WCS’s state-of-art disposal facilities provide safe, secure, permanent solutions for LLW disposal. WCS also provides solutions for treatment and storage. For more information please visit our website at wcstexas.com.

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  • EnergySolutions is an international nuclear services company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, with operations throughout the United States, Canada and Japan. EnergySolutions’ Decommissioning headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina providing a full range of D&D services to shut down nuclear power plants. We are the industry leader in the processing, recycling, transportation and disposal of nuclear material. Our customers include the U.S. Government, all U.S. Nuclear Power Plants, and various medical and research facilities.

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  • Curtiss Wright Electro-Mechanical Corporation offers a comprehensive range of products, and for 50+ years, our dedication to excellence has enabled us to continuously provide technologies & proactive solutions to some of the industry’s toughest challenges.

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  • Studsvik has had an important role in the Nuclear industry for over 70 years, owning and operating a nuclear facility. We continue to deliver innovative technical solutions to create superior value by improving performance and reducing client’s risk. This is accomplished through our wide range of offerings that include advanced design engineering and consultancy; fuel and materials testing; fuel and reactor management software as well as lifecycle management of nuclear and radioactive hazards; decommissioning of nuclear facilities; and proven radioactive waste treatment processes.

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  • Providing custom nuclear material handling and disposal solutions since 1984. Our products enable the safe storage, handling, transportation, and disposal of nuclear components and related waste. NFT is your technical expert in the field of safe nuclear material handling and disposal.

  • ICE Service Group, Inc. (ICE) founded in 2007 provides safe, secure and cost effective logistical support, packaging, transportation, and waste management services to the Industrial, Construction and Environmental industries. ICE, a small business; headquartered outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has offices, field offices & transload locations across North America.

    We are actively working across North America, including Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean. Our team has successfully, safely and economically managed over 15,000,000 tons of waste and material.

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  • As Veolia’s lead for U.S. nuclear and government activities, VNS Federal Services provides complete solutions on nuclear, waste management, remediation, and secure infrastructure challenges. Our capabilities include a range of innovative technologies and services, which we deliver through four Business Lines: Waste Management, Engineering, Technology Deployment, and Decontamination & Decommissioning.

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  • Orano USA is a leading technology and services provider for advanced reactors, used nuclear fuel management, decommissioning nuclear sites, federal site cleanup and closure, and the sale of uranium, conversion, and enrichment services to the U.S. commercial and federal markets. Orano Med is developing targeted alpha therapy to fight cancer.

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  • NAC International Inc. (NAC) is a leading provider of engineering, consulting, nuclear fuel, and waste management solutions. Since 1968, NAC has offered the nuclear industry a proven process for design, licensing, fabrication, construction, and operation of innovative technologies to store, transport, dispose, and manage used fuel and other materials.

  • NAC LPT is an asset-based logistics, packaging, and technical services company, supporting the energy, environmental remediation, waste management, and hazardous materials industries by providing rail, truck and marine transportation, packaging products, intermodal containers, and technical services to properly manage, contain, and ship waste and hazardous materials. NAC LPT owns and operates a fleet of IP-1 intermodal containers, lidded IP-1 gondola railcars, and ABC railcars to provide immediate packaging and transportation support for hazardous and radioactive materials. 

  • NAC Philotechnics is a full-scope Radiological, Health Physics, Waste Management, and Integrated Processing/Brokerage Services company. NAC Philotechnics maintains Radioactive Materials Licenses in California and Tennessee, with the capability to perform licensed work anywhere in the United States under its annual Nuclear Regulatory Commission Reciprocity License or Agreement State reciprocal agreement. Utilizing these licenses, NAC Philotechnics has performed waste characterizations, consulting, decontamination and decommissioning (D&D), license terminations, and disposals for more than 1,000 clients in our 40+ year history. 

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  • American DND is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business working Nationally performing Radiological Decommissioning at Nuclear Power plants and numerous DOE Facilities. Our experience includes over 500,000 man hours worked in over 15 years with a ZERO Incident Rate, DART and ZERO OSHA recordables. Its no accident when you hire American DND.

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  • Bechtel Nuclear, Security & Environmental comprises all of Bechtel’s nuclear power, security, cleanup, and naval nuclear propulsion work, creating an industry-leading organization with capabilities across the lifecycle of facilities and sites for both commercial and government customers. Bechtel helps customers transform how they do business and deliver their critical missions in a dynamic and budget-conscious environment. Our teams work every day to foster a collaborative, innovative, secure, and efficient environment necessary for delivering vital scientific and national security missions.

Coffee Break Sponsors

  • The products, services, publications, events, and insights of ANS provide significant benefits to the worldwide nuclear community. The American Nuclear Society’s global network is comprised of 40,000 professionals from diverse sectors, interests, backgrounds, and experience working throughout 60 countries. Celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2024, ANS is committed to advancing, fostering, and promoting the development and application of nuclear sciences and technologies to benefit society.

  • Dominion Engineering offers an innovative suite of products that improve radiological performance and significantly reduce radwaste volume/management costs, including regenerable filtration systems, ultrasonic cleaning systems, and custom chemical cleaning approaches. Dominion Engineering has a proven track record of delivering customized equipment solutions for unique radiological problems in a cost-effective manner.

  • Jacobs is challenging today to reinvent tomorrow by delivering safe and innovative solutions at complex nuclear cleanup and production sites around the world.

  • Published since 1959, Nuclear News magazine is recognized worldwide as the flagship trade publication covering all aspects of the nuclear field. Monthly issues offer utilities, labs, and suppliers the opportunity to discuss lessons learned and project success stories, highlighting the newest innovations and technologies via articles or sponsored content. Advertising is also accepted to help further promote your products, services, employment opportunities, or upcoming events.

  • Radwaste Solutions is a specialty magazine dedicated to the decommissioning, environmental remediation, and waste management segments of the nuclear community. Editorial features include the generation, handling, treatment, cleanup, transportation, storage, and disposal of radioactive waste. Created by the American Nuclear Society in 1994, the magazine covers the business, science, and technology of radwaste throughout the United States as well as activities outside of the U.S.

  • UniTech Services Group, Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of nuclear protective clothing and accessories. Our nuclear licensed decontamination facilities throughout the US and Europe provide the following services: radiological laundering of protective clothing, decontamination and testing of respirators, and the decontamination of tools & equipment (scaffolding, hand tools, portable HEPA vacuums, etc.). Our products and services are designed to provide our customers cost effective protection for their workers with minimal generation of radioactive waste.

Supporting Sponsor

  • Master-Lee Decon Services

    Master-Lee Energy Services provides heat exchanger maintenance including: eddy current testing, coasting inspection and repair tube cleaning, and plugging. Cleaning tanks and pipes via CO2, HPwater, sponge, and grit blasting.

  • WM SYMPOSIA, INC. continues to be the premier non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and information exchange on global radioactive waste management.

    By holding the annual Waste Management Symposia (WMS) international conference for the management of radioactive waste and related topics, WMS provides the premier open forum for discussing and seeking safe, environmentally responsible, technically sound and cost effective solutions to the management and disposition of radioactive wastes and the decommissioning of nuclear facilities to enhance the transparency and credibility of the global radioactive waste industry.


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Master-Lee Decon Services
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Porvair Filtration Group Inc
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