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ExchangeMonitor Publications & Forums, Inc. publishes professional newsletters and creates, manages and sponsors forums, colloquiums and workshops to facilitate an exchange of views and information among government officials, private industry executives, non-governmental organizations and other entities on critical national and international programs and policies. The major areas of focus are:

■          Decontamination & Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities;

■          Nuclear and/or Hazardous Waste Management within the U.S. Dept. of Energy Complex;    

■          Cleanup of Nuclear Sites within the U.S.;

■          Capture & Sequestration of Carbon Emissions;

■          Technologies & Systems to Reduce GHG Emissions

■          Nuclear Weapons Programs & Nonproliferation Policy;

■          Dismantlement of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the U.S. and Russia;

■          Nuclear Material Security


"Thank you very much for the Weapons Complex Monitor publication. I've found it extremely useful for several different projects.  It's a great resource.

House Committee Staffer


ExchangeMonitor would like to thank all those who contributed to our 2010 Annual Fund Raising Event to benefit the Walter Reed Society.  With your participation in the tournaments and the raffle, as well as your contribution of prizes, we were able to raise nearly $15,000.  ExchangeMonitor contributed an additional $5,000 to make the total  contribution $20,000.  Additionally, Forum Partner Longenecker & Associates contributed $10,000, making the total contribution $30,000 this year!

For more information about the society and the contributions made through your generosity, please CLICK HERE