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December 16, 2016

Scotland Should Pursue CCS on Multiple Levels, SCCS Says

By ExchangeMonitor

To foster the deployment of carbon capture and storage throughout Scotland, the Scottish government should pursue development of the technology at a small scale while also taking preparatory steps to ready for larger rollout, Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage found said in a report Thursday. “Scotland can start capturing and storing CO₂ now through actions at local and business scale while also taking immediate action on seed projects for national CO₂ storage infrastructure. Taking this twin-track approach can maintain Scotland’s international lead in affordable energy transition to a zero-carbon economy,” SCCS Director Stuart Haszeldine said in a press release.

The government should immediately begin looking for opportunities to use CCS on biomass, biogas, fermentation, waste, and small combined heat and power (CHP) facilities, according to the report, while also supporting “investigation and development of seed projects for medium-scale CO2 storage” and “actions leading towards development and commercialisation of larger-scale CO2 storage operations, including projects involving cooperation with other states around the North Sea.”

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